Coffee. Not only can I drink you, I can add you in my conditioner...

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Coffee. Not only can I drink you, I can add you in my conditioner...

Okay coffee lovers, it's your crazy coffee lady friend Diana here again and today I’m gonna tell all of ya’ll some other uses for coffee (other than making us feel on top of the world of course). 
I have to admit coffee fam that when I was researching this topic, I was quite surprised. I never thought of using my coffee for anything else other than drinking it’s magical goodness. I’m guessing you are all in the same boat here. So let’s discover together what else we can use our coffee beans for (trust me you’ll be surprised). 
First things first, what’s more important than using coffee to wake up in the morning? Making sure our faces looks as good as we feel after we’ve finished that warm cup of love. Yes, that must be it.

So what I’m telling you people is that coffee will not only wake us up in the morning (obviously) but it can also make us look better in the wee mornings of a.m. SAY WHAT?
Yes, you heard me. Coffee grounds can be used as a facial exfoliant that leaves your skin feeling smooth, tingly and with an espresso aroma that would make George Clooney want to get a little bit closer. GEORGE WE LOVE YOU. 
But actually, you can exfoliate your skin with coffee grounds by rubbing the moist grounds on your face gently to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal the fresh and healthy looking skin underneath. 
So yes people drink your coffee and use it as an exfoliant too! Enjoy.

My next favourite tip is using coffee to get glossier hair. Yes, you read that right. Glossier hair! Ditch the costly name brand products at the drug store and use your coffee grounds to get your hair stronger and glossier today. Best way to do this is by mixing coffee grounds with your favourite conditioner. Rub the coffee conditioner on your scalp for a few minutes and rinse it out thoroughly. Not only will your hair smell like a fresh brew (NOM NOM NOM), the caffeine can also help stimulate new hair growth. Using this treatment once a week will give you the best results. Your welcome ladies and gents! Use your left over coffee grounds to get shiny, smoother hair today! WOOHOO!
This next tip is definitely a game changer. It’s hard to believe BUT coffee can help combat cellulite. CELLULITE. I know this sounds preposterous but its true. How you may ask? So apparently, (according to my extensive research A.K.A. a bunch of google searches) cellulite formation is mostly due to genetics (DAMNIT) and once it forms it’s said to be there for good. WHYYYYY. Okay wait there’s some good news here people. Caffeine can enhance fat metabolism and increase circulation, meaning it can reduce the appearance of cellulite. I’m all for reducing the appearance of cellulite, who’s with me people? HANDS UP. 
Coffee grounds not only reduce the appearance of cellulite but it can also make your skin soft and smooth. Which is obviously an added benefit.

If you want you can use a recipe that I’ve come to love. Use 1 cup of coffee grounds, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and 1 cup of coconut oil. Mix together and scrub that cellulite away. WOOT WOOT

Last but not least, the easiest coffee tip I’ve come across by far is using a coffee bean instead of a mint. Replace your mints with a whole coffee bean and you’ll have fresher breath in no time. You can use Bewdly's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Coffee bean for a tasty mint that will have George Clooney talking about you to all his friends. (FOR REALS).

Okay ya’ll it’s been great chatting with you about other uses for coffee, aside from drinking it. We’ll keep in touch. 
Coffee to the rescue! 
XOXO Crazy Coffee Lady. 

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Jun 14, 2016 • Posted by Marianela

Nice read =) You can also incorporate coffee in your morning facial mask too. It’s the ultimate exfoliator to slough away dead skin.

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